Chilling me softly

Meet biszet - the premium climate-controlled cabinet for cosmetics.

biszet is the first customized cosmetics cooler for the bathroom. It maximizes the efficacy and shelf life of high quality cosmetics.

The path to beautiful skin is no longer impeded by barriers.

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Sleek elegance and crisp contours in perfect harmony with beautiful bathrooms.

An homage to beauty.

biszet is a premium climate-controlled cabinet for cosmetics in a class of its own. It is incredibly compact and can either be hung on the wall or stand freely.

Made completely of high-quality stainless steel, biszet creates the ideal climate for your premium skin care products.

But why is cooling cool?

Chilled creams stimulate the body’s circulatory system, so active ingredients can penetrate the skin deeper and more rapidly, thus allowing them to unfold their full potential.

Creams stay pure
and active agents retain
their full power.

Once the seal on a cosmetic has been broken, contact with the air allows bacteria enter and attack its precious essences. These bacteria feed off the valuable ingredients and form damaging acids that reduce the product’s efficacy and, in the worst cases, cause allergic reactions.

When stored at 20°C bacteria multiply
up to 30 times faster than at 10°C.

With biszet’s coolers, your cosmetic products retain their impeccable freshness, ensuring an optimal effect on your skin. Developed together with dermatologists and pharmacists, biszet offers three different climatic zones.

When stored at 20°C bacteria multiply
up to 30 times faster than at 10°C.

3 climatic zones for perfect protection.

Top compartment:
Ideal for products containing collagen
Middle compartment:
Perfect for cosmetics with precious natural nutrients
Bottom compartment:
Ideal for vitamin-based products

Wohl temperiert.