Superlative design

b7 is a slim, elegant cabinet made of fine quality stainless steel, with a stainless steel door frame and glazed door front made of insulation glass. The frame and glass are separated by a fine strip of high quality Vivana. The suede look underscores the luxurious character and feel of the whole item.

The interior is fitted with frosted glass shelves and stainless steel shelf holders in a sleek design. A small stainless steel gauge constantly measures the temperature and ensures continuous refrigeration within the ideal temperature range. The cabinet also has a lock to keep valuable cosmetics and medicines safe and secure. 

Dimensions: 65 x 34 x 25 cm
(Height x breadth x depth)

Three climatic zones offer perfect protection

b7 has a superb, persuasive design and unique refrigeration technology that has been specially adapted for cosmetics. Three different climatic zones ensure professional conservation of contents and their active ingredients:

  • Bottom compartment: around 5–8 °C, ideal for vitamin-based products
  • Middle compartment: around 10 °C, perfect for cosmetics with precious, natural nutrients
  • Top compartment: around 12 °C, ideal for products containing collagen

The temperature settings of each compartment can of course be adjusted individually, in line with your own personal needs.

A new dimension in effective skin care

b7 is the first customized cosmetics cooler for the bathroom. It maximizes the efficacy and shelf life of high quality cosmetics. The path to a beautiful skin is no longer impeded by barriers.

Chilled creams stimulate the body’s circulatory system so that their active ingredients can penetrate the skin much more rapidly and also to a much deeper extent, thus allowing them to exploit their full potential. Creams stay pure and active agents retain their full power.

Once the seal on a cosmetic is broken, initial contact with the air allows bacteria to penetrate and attack its precious essences. These bacteria feed off the valuable ingredients and form damaging acids that reduce the product’s efficacy and can cause allergic reactions in the worst cases. When stored at 20 °C bacteria multiply up to 30-times faster than at 10 °C. With biszet’s coolers you can create the ideal climate for your expensive skin care products so as to produce the desired effect and greatly increase their shelf life.

Operating manual and mounting instructions: